Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jharkhand: A state of terror in India

Statement by Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and Jharkhand Jan Sanskriti Manch

On 6th March, 09 at 6 pm in the evening Mr. Saukhat Marandi lost his life in the Rajendra Medical College Hospital (RMCH), Ranchi, he was one of the victims of the police firing in Kathikund, District Dumka of Jharkhand State. Mr. Saukat Marandi died due to the negligence of doctors in the hospital. he was not also properly diagnosed and treated in the hospital. It is the violation of Right to life with dignity which is guaranteed by Article 21 of Indian Constitution.

It is noted that on 6th December, 08 in the pre announced people’s program to protest by courting arrest after paying homage to Martyr Sidhu Kanu. They did not warrant such a heavy police presence and excessive use of force resulting in killing of one Lukhiram Tudu and other 15 were severely injured. Mr. Lukhiram Tudu died due to not timely medicine and owing to excessive bleeding. Police brutally beat up, abused and took into the custody those who were taking the wounded to the hospital. The wounded were treated in contempt and inhumanly even their bodies were dragged like dead dogs.

The people’s peaceful protest against land acquaintance for building dam for power plant is two and half year old, however it took definite shape after notices were published in early May, 08 for acquiring about 264 acre land of two villages Aamgachi and Pokahriya of Kathikund police station of Dumka district. Entire inhabitant united in their resolve to protect their land –only means of life and livelihood - in the absence of any development which leads into huge displacement.
It is fact that 25 lakhs Jharkhandi people were displaced due to the many anti –humane development schemes. These people were not rehabilitated and now their condition is more awful than earlier.

Under the Santhal Pargana Tendency Act, there is no provision to sell or purchase their land, but Indian Government as a neo colonial mindset imposing the Brahmical culture on the indigenous Santhal tribes. In the same way administration is also behaving with this tribe as an enemy which leads into unlawful police firing, arrest, beating and negligence of the health services too, Tribal detainees.

We learned through the testimonies from the survivors of Kathikund in training workshop jointly organized by RCT, PVCHR and CREJ at Ranchi that Mr. Raven Soren, one of the victim were injured with the bullet fire and still he did not receive any medical treatment and the compensation. Mr. Shiv Lal Soren was transferred from RMCH to All Indian Institute of Medical Science, (AIIMS). Where doctors didn’t take out the bullet from his neck, he was discharged from the AIIMS and now he is detained in the medical ward of the prison in Ranchi. It is proved that Jharkhand is not the state of their own people but it is the state of terror for benefits of the corporate and the rich people.

Again police killed 2 people and many were severely injured while they were protesting against the kidnap of three children in Bano of Sindega District. There is no any rule of law in the state of Jharkhand. But the contrary this is the state of the extension of the British and forget the struggle of Birsa Munda.

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