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Pt.Vikash Maharaj:icon of Benaras classical music and vice president of PVCHR
Pandit Vikash Maharaj is one of the leading Sarod performers of India. Born as a 14th generation musician in to the oldest and most widely respected Banaras gharana(Indian musician family) in 1957 in Varanasi, he received his early education within his Gharana as a Tabla player from his father Late Pandt Nanku Maharaj also known as Bengal Tiger.

As a teenager, Vikash developed a natural inclination towards learfing the Sarod. His mother inspired him to change instruments and organized Sarod lessons from the late guru Shri Rajesh Chandra Moetra ji of the prestigious Maihar Senia Gharana. Like both of his grandfathers, Late Pandit Bade Ram Das ji and the Late Pandit Kanthe Maharaj ji, his maternal uncle Padma Vibhushan Late Pandit Kishan Maharaj and Late grand teacher Ustad Bade Allauddin Khan Sahib. One can see in Pandit Vikash Maharaj's Sarod recital the excellent combination of Swar (Tone) and Laya (Rhythum) that has been passed down from generation to genaration.

As well as holding onto his family's tradition, Pandit Vikash Maharaj is also well known for his unique approach to the instrument. Having his early education focused on Tala (Rythum) and having devoted himself to two Gharana, he has a wide understanding of music that sets him apart from other performers. From this special emotions, the melody and fluency he expresses on his instrument speaks of deep emotions and moods with clarity and precision rarely heard on the Sarod. His interest and knowledge of the healing benefits of music make listening to his Sarod a truly powerful experience.

Pandit Vikash Maharaj is a selected artist from I.C.C.R. (Foreign Ministry Govt of India). He has also featured National and International Radio and T.V.

International Performances....

Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, U.S.A. New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore and Japan and many more.. While overseas he performed with famous performers John Handy, Paul Horn, David Freisen, Paul Swartz, Lenart A Berg, Peter Geiger, Dom Um Romao, Prof. Band Konard, Art Handle, James Pinker, Tom Bailey, Issa Tucker and John Ellis ect. The events in which he performed include the International Leprosy Eradiction Festival (Organised by Ex- German President Honorable Mr. Karl Castin). The Sabadh recital in the loving memory of Late smt Indira Gandhi held in the indian Embassy Germany, the WOMAD music festival, the Diwali festival, Splore and many others.

Vikash Maharaj has also composed and performed on over many CD's and DVD's which are available in both the national and international markets. He has composed his own creations of Raga's (indian melodies) such as Shraddha, Night Wind, Shanti, Samadhi, Song for my son, Ganga, Heart of Purab and Hinglaj. He composed music for documentary film The Holiwater Project (NZ) which will be very soon coming in the Market.

Pandit Vikash Maharaj has performed as a special invitee in several famous festivals and concerts. These include Ganga Mahotsav, Badri Kedar Utsav, Buddha Mahotsav, Uttar Pradesh Parva, Luchnow Mahotsav, Bhatkhande Jayanti, Avadh Sandya, Anahad (Bharat Bhavan Bhopal) Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh, I.T.C. Sangeet Parishad, Iternational Science Congress Ranchi (JH), 50th Anniversary of U.N. UNICEF, Oxfam and the festival of U.S.S.R. in India.

In his music carrier he got so many music awards and honours, some as Sarod Maetro from Bengali Club Lucknow, Sarod Wizard by Bokaro club Bihar, Sarod Shiromani by Gopio, Radhakirishnan Award
by Avantika, Paharua by Dr.Shanbhu Nath Foundation, Guru by Punjab Keshari, Ganga Ratna by Akhil Bhartiya Yuva Commitee, Siti Ratna by Zee T.V, Viday Bhausan by Prateek Shansthan ect.
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