Friday, October 16, 2009

Children initiative for healthy environment and childhood.

Children throwing fire crackers in the water

A poster of child labour involved in fire – crackers industry

The Children of Munshi Prem Chandra Children Parliament with the aspiration of Shakespeare of Hindi Munshi Prem Chadra organized fire crackers boycott movement in front of the district Head quarter, Varanasi on 16th October, 09 late morning. In compensanotary the children protested by sinking fire crackers in the water.

The rally started from Police line path with chanting of slogan and children were holding the plank and end up in front of the district head quarter. At District Head Quarter the congregation was facilitated by Ms. Chanda. She addressed after being implementation of child labour Abolition Act than also small children are engaged in the hazardous industry.

Jyoti stated from last nine year we are hosting the fire crackers boycott movement with in our friends and colleagues living nearby. We pledged and appeal to the people “we will celebrate diwali by lighting candle not life".

Pooja said fire cracker is being made in several part of the India like Dalmandi, Malasi, Hamirapur and Shivakasi. In this industry children are also engaged with their parents and which results the marginalization of Lakhs of children with their fundamental rights. Here we are together to protest the engagement of children.

We didn’t want this happiness on the cost of the lakhs of children’s life. The happiness attain after snatching the childhood of children. In India 1 ½ Lakhs children are employed in the hazardous fire cracker industry and are finishing their life.

Manish said the shrilling voice of fire cracker and gas is adversely affecting the atmosphere which contributes in sound and air pollution. He urge not to lit fire cracker for the protection of the environment. He added we are unhappy that my friend Shiv home is being demolished.

The members of Children Parliament Master Manish, Kissan, Pramila, Rinka, Sulekha, Kusum, Seema, Pinka, Jyoti, Chanda and Puja. Hema. Rajendra, Rekha, Neeta, Katyani, Ashok, Anup, Rohit, Anand, Shruti, Dr. Lenin and Upendra were present from PVCHR office.

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