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Letter from friends in Indonesia and the Philippines

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Date: Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 9:33 AM
Subject: 2009GAHRFS letter from friends in Indonesia and the Philippines
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8 October 2009

Dear 2009 GAHRFS batchmates,




We hope that this letter finds you all well. As you have heard, Philippines and Indonesia just came through disasters a few days ago.


The Filipinos in Metro Manila and nearby provinces were caught by high level flood that washed away lives, livelihood and homes. Indonesians also suffered the same fate as they experience earthquake. Fortunately, none of our loved ones were taken by the flood and earthquake but some of our friends and comrades had to face these difficult challenges.


Some communities in Indonesia were isolated by the landslide that blocked its roads, therefore blocking supply of food and help. Filipino communities are still submerged in the flood. They are starting to have diseases and government relief efforts to provide them food in temporary shelters are not enough. Flood in some areas of Luzon will continue until Christmas.


In these times where lives are at stake and our people face harsher threats, we deem it necessary to respond to the immediate needs of our people aside from continuing our human rights work.

Please see attached photos of the devastations done by the disasters in both countries. 


This is the reason why we, Angga and Aya, agreed to ask our 2009 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School batch mates and friends in 5.18 Memorial Foundation to extend help to our people in dire need of help.


For Indonesia, you can give your cash donations through the following bank details:

Bank: Bank Mandiri Mampang Perapatan

Account Name: Yayasan Walhi

Account Number: 070-00-0400900-2


Your donations for Indonesia will be used to supply food, build shelter and simple communication lines to affected communities of Indonesia. Please coordinate with Mr. Angga if you have any querries or you may want to donate a humble amount.


For the Philippines, you can give your cash donations through KARAPATAN by donating through website and click to Donate to Ondoy Victims.


Your cash donations for the Philippines will be used to buy food and rebuild homes of organized urban poor communities that have been historically part of struggle for genuine democracy. Please email me, Aya through and if you have any questions or clarifications or you may want to donate.


We fully understand that as NGO workers, we do not have as much money as other professionals or business persons but we have contacts and skills to pull some of our resources to channel them to people in most need. You can also extend our solicitations to your other colleagues and allies.  


Thank you very much.


Hoping for your cooperation.


With you in solidarity,


Mr. Angga Haksoro Ardhi

Voice of Human Rights News Centre



Lorena "Aya" Santos

Deputy Secretary General

Families of the Disappeared for Justice (Desaparecidos)

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