Friday, October 09, 2009

World Youth Day for Democracy and ACHA Pledge of Peace & harmony

Dear friends,
 Greetings from PVCHR.

Only few days is left to celebrate World Youth Day for Democracy at 18 October hold by the World Youth Movement for Democracy, now it is time to decide how to celebrate.  There are enormous and countless ways to join in the global celebration. Be creative!

You can organize an event at your office or school, or do something as simple as writing a democratic message in your neighborhood using sidewalk chalk. Below are 10 ways, which are only a starting point of what can be done.

1)      Start a political mural that depicts what democracy means to you and ask others to add to it.
2)      Use sidewalk chalk to write a message important to you or simply a celebratory remark in your town square.
3)      Conduct an impromptu street skit to raise awareness of an issue in your community. Ask others to participate!
4)      Hold a forum with a government official or civil society leader.
5)      Bring local youth together and discuss issues relevant to you and to your community.
6)      You can be a photo journalist! Take pictures of political events or even the daily lives of people in your neighborhood and share these online.
7)      Show a film and host a discussion afterwards.
8)      In solidarity for democracy activists in Iran, wear green and explain to others the significance.
9)      Get involved in a political campaign or start your own!
10)   Volunteer at an organization that works on issues you are passionate about.

So, we urge all peace and harmony youth supporters to sign the online petition of ACHA Pledge of Peace & harmony also at:,

For more information about ACHA please visit:

 Be sure to share with us how you plan to celebrate World Youth Day for Democracy and NED can help publicize your event online! Also, please send us pictures from your event and NED will compile these into a short music video, which will be shared online to showcase the incredible work you are all doing!

If you have any additional questions you may also contact NED: Beth Davis and Cecilia Andersen 

Also intimate PVCHR at:

Appeal on the behalf of

Lal Bahadur Ram,Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, Mr. Jai Kumar Mishra, Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi, Ms. Shirin Shabana Khan, Mr. Anup Kumar Srivastava, , Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Mr. Upendra Kumar, Mr. Umesh Singh, Ms. Anupam

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