Monday, November 02, 2009

Again death threat to Lenin and legal action

Lenin recieved again death threat by drug mafia.Please see NCR:

Again NCR in case of death threat to Lenin by drug mafia

Crime no: 251/09
Date of NCR: 30/10/09 time: 14:00

Complainant: Dr. Lenin R/o SA 4/2 A Daulatpur, Varanasi U.P

Perpetrator: Turre R/o Nai Basti, Pandeypur, Police Station: Cantt and three unknown person

Under section: 323/504/506/IPC

Date & time of incidence: 24th October, 09, time: 3:45 pm Bagwanala

Varanasi zone,

Subject: in relation to threat given by the accused in Pandeypur police station.

On 24th October, 09 I submitted complain on the beating and abuses with Mr. Turre resident of Nai Basti under Pandeypur police station and I called on 100 number of police control room. After that NCR no. 243/09 has been filed and medico-legal examination prepared.
On 24th October, 09 around at 3:45 Mr. Turre with few other’s people on indica car came to the under constructed house of my mother- in- law in Baghwanala (Hall Mauza) and ask people where is Dr. Lenin? After getting response “today work is closed and no one is their” few from gang discuss to proceed to his home, but others said to kill him in the way.

On 22nd October, 09 when I, Dr. Lenin around 3:30 pm went to see the under constructed house of my committee, I saw Turre there. After looking me Mr. Turre rushed with his pulsar motor bike. I informed it on 100 number and Assistant Director of PVCHR Ms. Shirin Shabana Khan sent email to the Director General of Police and the same letter was sent through registered post on 23rd October, 09.

PVCHR with the help of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust is running the education program for the dalits and backward class in Bagwanala. I myself informed the incidence happened at Baghawanala under Jaitpura police station to the Pandeypur police outpost incharge .

I suspect my death in the entire incidence and social work may be affected. So, it is kind request for the immediate high level enquiry.

CC: DIG,Varanasi

Yours’ sincerely
Dr. Lenin

Letter by Lenin to IG on death threat

On the threat on 22 october 2009,Shabana sent the petition to DGP.Please see link:

During 22 october 09,our associate and relative Anupam was present.Turre talked with her associate and Turre ran after 12 minutes after my arrival there.But our people did not inform about content of discussion.When again, incident happened on 24 October 2009,then Anupam mooved the letter/petition due to heated discourse in orgainization.Please see letter:

Petition by Anupam aganist death threat to Lenin

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