Friday, November 13, 2009

Open letter to Prime Minister of India against terror strategy of SIB

It is open letter from PVCHR to the Prime Minister of India. Please read the letter carefully and send protest letter to PM office at

Prime Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Greetings from PVCHR
On 12th November, 09 evening Mr. Montu Ahanthem, Secretary of Wide Angle, Manipur informed on Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi cell phone that SIB visited to his office twice to enquire about his visit to Manipur.
However on 13th November, 09 morning at 7:41 Mr. Montu updated his statement in facebook, “SIB inquiring of Dr. Lenin (2007 Gwangju Human Rights Award from May 18 Foundation of South Korea along with Ms. Sharmila Irom of Manipur, Received ACHA Star Peace award from Association for Communal Harmony in Asia USA along with B. M. Kutty, Karachi, Karamat Ali, Karachi, Pakistan and Mubashir Mirza, Sadiqabad from Pakistan) visit to Manipur, came to our office twice.”

Photographs of updated status of Mr. Montu Ahanthem

On same day late morning Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi gave his testimony on terror-strategy of SIB. Please see the given URL:

PVCHR with Wide Angle hold workshop for Training of Trainer (TOT) on testimonial therapy from 10th – 21st August, 09 at Hotel Anand Continental, Imphal. In the workshop 11 participants from 9 organizations were trained.

Before and during the workshop PVCHR intervened several times, please see the given below URL for more information:
· India: Please take immediate action to save the life of the Female Human Rights Defender in Manipur, India.

· Thanks from the mothers of Manipur to you
· PVCHR actions against torture in Manipur torture-in.html

· Open letter in the matter of Manipur

· Petition in plain murder in plain sight at Manipur

Earlier on 17th March, 09 PVCHR sent letter to NHRC on right to privacy of PVCHR due to the non – recipient of letter. Please see the letter on given URL:
PVCHR again face the similar problem and on 22nd June, 09 PVCHR sent open Letter to Prime Minister of India on right to privacy of PVCHR and appealed, “to kindly persuade postal department to stop banning the postage document of PVCHR and take immediate action to stop Mr. Srivastava for breaking the privacy of PVCHR so, the organization can works up to full extent and the people may be benefited with organization work.”Please see given below URL:
Therefore terror strategy of SIB shows the interruption in the work of Human Rights Defender in promoting the rule of law and democracy. It is kind request for appropriate and speedy action.

If any information required please communicate to Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi at his cell phone: +91-9935599333

With Warm Regards

Mr. Jai Kumar Mishra & Ms. Shirin Shabana Khan
Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)
SA 4/2 A Daulatpur, Varanasi -221002,

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