Thursday, November 03, 2011

Health camp in Muslim weaver locality


With the financial assistance from Ms Parul Sharma, a resident of Sweden of Indian origin and RCT a health camp was organized by PVCHR and Bunkar Dastkar Adhikar Manch.


Sheer ignorance by the government officials towards people in Bajardiha had made their life miserable just after the first monsoon showers. On one hand heavy downpour resulted in to seepage in their houses as a result of which several houses collapsed. On the other hand water logging in the area brought the risk of epidemic.


The government department continued their ignorant attitude in draining out the rain water and proper sanitation which made many ill. None of the officials came here to take stock of the situation neither health services were provided to the people. This was the situation when media both print and electronic were printing and broadcasting the pathetic situation each day.


Keeping the problems in view PVCHR organized a two-day health check up and medicine distribution camp on November 11-12, 2011 in Ahmednagar area. In all 160 patients turned up in the camp who were also given away medicines.


During the health camp it was revealed that cases of diarrhea, skin disease, gastrointestinal disease, seasonal infection and fever, joint pain, lung problems were widespread.


For the camp Ms Parul Sharma who is of Indian origin and is living in Sewden and RCT gave Rs 22,000 assistance and with the amount PVCHR and Bunkar Dastkar Manch organized the camp. In the camp Dr Amit Jain of renowned Jain Hospital and Dr Praveen Verma did the check up of patients and gave away medicines.


PVCHR's workers Anand, Savitri, Anarkali, Siddiq Hasan, Shobhnath, Brijesh, Mehtab, Abdul Kadir, Rehmani, Idris Ansari gave their full support for the health camp.

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