Sunday, July 21, 2013

I follow my grand father: Lenin Raghuvanshi

My grand father a freedom fighter against British colonialism told me that please careful with Hindu Nationalist because there Guru Golwarkar in his autobiography wrote about no fight with British Colonialism. Guru ji choose path of Hitler as upper caste Hindus are first class citizen and other all are second class citizens. I  remember word of my own teacher and Grand father. I am against the process of communal fascism. India is not going to forget about pardon by  so called revolutionaries from British colonialism and giving the agenda of Hindu Nationalism. I know that I received many intimidation from sympathizers of Hindu Nationalist forces in NGOs,Funding Agency,Political parties,police,bureaucracy,my own family, National Human Rights Commission,in my own NGOs.But India needs secularism,pluralistic democracy based on fraternity,justice,rule of law and non-violence.      

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