Saturday, October 10, 2015

DIGNITY in mental health: Testimonial Therapy as a brief narrative therapy

Since 2008 PVCHR and DIGNITY have worked in partnership with cost effective rehabilitation of survivors of torture and organized violence. Our project cooperation has resulted in healing and empowerment of more than 700 hundred survivors of torture mainly belonging to marginalized communities from more than 80 villages affected by torture and violence in Uttar Pradesh and Jharkand State.

The intervention strategies have comprised psycho-social and legal activities as well as selected cases of tertiary treatment by referral specialists and hospitals. Innovative and cost effective approaches such as testimonial therapy, group processing, meditation and mindfulness techniques have been tested and applied. Several articles published in various national and international journals, such as IRCT Torture Magazine, books, conference proceedings and newspapers have been published about the working philosophy and remarkable results of PVCHR.
1. Manual on testimonial therapy: Giving Voice "Manual"…/Manual_on_testimonial_therapy
2. Testimonial Therapy: A Pilot Project to improve Psychological Wellbeing among Survivors of Torture in India…/back-issu…/volume-19--no--3--2009.aspx
3. Testimonial Therapy in India: Hope, human dignity and honour for survivors…
4. Resilience Based on Hope, Honour and Dignity…/journal-of-peoples-studies-vo…/

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