Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where is government or international player?

Again the condition of Mandodari became critical so, after Rajeev Kumar Singh Manager PVCHR, Pintugupta Sonebhadra, Model Block Co-ordinator, Robertsganj, Sonbhadra and Ajay Singh, Finance & Administrative Manager donated blood to her. 

Mandodari is daughter of Shri Shiv Kumar of Raup Ghasia Basti of Robertsgang block of Sonbhadra district. She is now under care of PVCHR/JMN in Jain hospital with support from our friend Ms. Parul Sharma. PVCHR wrote letter to all concerned authorities for immediate help. She only received 1000  Rs from District Administration, Sonbhadra. 

It is noted that mother of Mandodari is a single woman because her father left her mother. 

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