Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Europe wants to support Hindu Fascist understanding due to their financial interest with India?

In connection for our initiative for women right to Survivor Sapana Chaurasiya, I received threat call on my mobile +91-9935599333 from mobile number +91-9452302585 on 11:52 AM of 16th January 2013 and I immediately filed complain to NHRC and SSP, Varanasi by registered letter and email. But no response from NHRC or Varanasi police. It is noted that in complain of Sapana on 5 December, 2012 to NHRC, we received a notice to SSP, Varanasi and then FIR filed by Varanasi police on 13 March 2013.( http://www.pvchr.net/2013/03/breaking-silence-hope.html)

See my testimony on birthday of my son (24 January 2013), “I fully understand that the police-mafia nexus might make attempt to kill me or my family members or try to get me trapped in bogus case. I have been threatened so on December 20, 2012 and January 16, 2013.Therefore, I request that I, my family, Sapna Chaurasia and her family be protected and a probe should be conducted at high level by the CBCID or CBI due to involvement of corrupts in all sectors such as media, police, NGOs, lawyers, relatives etc, because I received many calls and advises from them to withdrawal my petition and support. First time in my life, I am feeling that my death is so near. I believe in life before death like Jesus, so I am going to fight up to my death against corrupt and patriarchal elements. If I will be died, please support to people of PVCHR and provide care to my son. It is my testimony on the birthday of my son Kabeer Karunik on 24 January 2013.”  

PVCHR issued Urgent appeal (http://www.pvchr.net/2013/01/india-threats-to-human-rights-defenders.html) and sent to UN, NHRC, and all major organization working for Human Rights defenders. We received support from only Human Rights defenders Alert based at Peoples ‘Watch, Mr. Bhaghambhar Pattanayak, member of NHRC NGOs core group  and Netherland Government. But there is no response from NHRC, UN and other organizations working for Human Rights defenders till today. But we received a strong support from individuals of world community (  http://www.pvchr.net/2013/03/case-reflects-atrocities-indian-women.html). But Dutch embassy only called and to know the fact.  

 Recently, I received notice from High Court of UP at Allahabad to appear in court on 18 March 2013, because Sapana husband accused me as a suspect criminal to illegally detain the Sapana. I, Shruti,Farhat, Tanveer(Advocate),Manoj Mishra (advocate), Namatra Tiwari(Advocate),Sapana and Shyam ji(brother of Sapana) appeared before court Number 49 of Allahabad High Court. Honourable Justice asked the all facts from Sapana and her brother and gave judgement in favour of us in spirit of facts and truth( Copy of Judgment will be available in few days, we applied the copy from Court) . But in argument, counsel of Perpetuator made a very patriarchal remark and Honourable Justice did not take any action against false Habeus Corpus in context of right to life with dignity. There is no accountability and powerful men are free to use legal proceeding in illegal way against the poor women of our society. I am surprised that there is no action by NHRC, UN,EU and other International actors working for Human Rights defender. Few People are working in our organization from Europe are also silent. Why? Europe needs market of India? Europe wants to support Hindu Fascist understanding due to their financial interest with India?  Where is European value or International value? People like me are working for international values are facing the threat and intimidation. Thanks to Sina from Germany (now in News Zealand) and all associates of PVCHR for their psychological support in recent incident. I am listening Bob Marley Get up stand up:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMlHdxiIZ8
By Lenin Raghuvanshi

Letter from High Court of UP at Allahabad:

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