Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.
It is the time for MOVING FROM CHARITY TO DIGNITY - Free from fear and free from want.
It is great news on Easter for freedom that in case of Bonded Labour Tinku Musahar, Police of Jaunpur became very active after intervention of Honourable Supreme Court. Police station of Madiyahu in Jaunpur filed the First Information Report against perpetrator (Crime Number 472/12 under 323,504,506,342IPC and 3(1) X SC/ ST Act).It is noted that in same complain on 13 April 2012, NHRC forwarded the case to State Human Rights Commission (Case number: 12066/24/32/2012/OC/M-1 and 11681/24/39/2012/OC/M-2). Please find the link of our urgent appeal:  

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