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Life of the poor people is waiting the mercy from Hon’ble President of India

Dear Friends,
Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights is concerned about the death by hanging of Mr. Suresh Chuahan & Mr. Ramji Chauhan of Varanasi under section 302, 307 and 449. This is MERCY PETITION to the President of India to save the lives of these two people. Please write to the Hon’ble President of India ( and also ask your friends & colleagues to do so.

After declaration of death punishment, the family members and relatives of the victim become isolated from society. They acquire stigma for rest of their lives and may be even boycotted by the society. Once the death punishment is declared, the rest of the life of the accused becomes full of fear and he dies every moment thereafter.
Case Detail:

My name is Usha Chauhan, aged 45 and I am an illiterate. My husband Ramji Chauhan is at the Naini jail as murder accused for the past 16 years. He used to sell balloons for livelihood and after him I am making paper toys with the brother of my husband to earn the daily bread. My two daughters Gudia 19 years and Jyoti 17 years read in the nearby government school in class 8. I live at the address 58/126 B Nawapura, Maidagin, police station Kotwali district Varanasi.

Two days before on February 15, 2013 I got to know that my husband has been pronounced death penalty and the news has shaken my world. For the past 16 years I have been living on the only hope that one day my husband will get justice and he will be let off from the fake criminal case. But this news has brought darkness before my eyes. For the past 16 years we the entire family has been living with the only hope and even after sleeping hungry we thought my husband and father of my children will come back one day. The thought that he won’t gives me chills. For the entire night I spent with the fear that having got to know this my mother-in-law, who is already under depression with her son’s plight, how would she react and what if something happened to her.

For the past 16 years I have waited and pray every moment. My family has been with me all these years and all our family members have only one hope to see my husband back in the family as he was earlier. My daughters also ask questions about their father and I console them by saying he would return soon. The god cannot be so bad to us and I plead also to the government that they listen to my plea and do justice to my husband else people will lose trust in law and justice.

In fact I was unaware about all this and never thought such an incident will happen with my family. The date was October 6, 1996 and on the third day of the Jutia festival. I woke up for nature’s call and it was 5 am when police in large number came to my place. I thought it must be some incident in the neighbourhood. Just as I thought all this the cops moved towards my house and asked for my husband who had medicine last night due to fever. The cops said my husband was involved in the murder of the family of his brother-in-law and took his away. When we told them that he met an accident and had fractured leg six months before, how could he be involved in murder the cops said they would leave him after questioning. They took him to Bhelupura police station. They kept him at Bhelupura police station for the day and then sent him to Chaukaghat jail. We were hungry for the day and entire night as we could not even sleep thinking why cops have entrapped my husband in bogus case. Why would my husband commit a crime like murder and what was his enmity with his the brother of his brother-in-law. I was thinking why I was not aware of all this land dispute going on in the family and why my innocent husband was trapped in it by the police. Brother of my brother-in-law gave money to cops who did wrong to my family.

Whenever I went to see him at the jail for roughly three years after his arrest my husband always told me to take care of his mother and our children and that he would return soon as he had not done any wrong. Having said this he used to weep and I felt bad to go there as he would again weep. I could meet him for three years as I could manage to go there with little money I had with me but now being lodged in Allahabad’s Naini jail it is difficult for me to go there. Being poor we don’t have enough money to go there. Whenever I had money I used to go for having seen him once I felt good. The situation at home has turned bad as majority things have beel sold out to fight his case to get him out of the jail. If he could come back these articles mean nothing to us. We had been living with little in the past and so could we do in future for we earn daily bread.

I am afraid for my husband and my family. All the time I think when he would come back and live with us. Though I have the family with me but the company of husband is important in the family as I am tired of doing things alone and fighting for his freedom. The key and crucial support of my husband is missing in my life. Due to a bogus case my husband has gone away and this has imbibed fear in me. When I sleep I get bad dreams. Out of poverty I cannot meet him every day but hope he would be free one day.

His good deeds give me strength. He thinks for us even being in jail and for his mother.

Usha Chauhan testimony in Hindi:

Ram ji brother says “My mother has been crying and her condition is bad. We are living under fear with the death penalty given to my brother. We are unable to sleep, fear is deep in our hearts and we get bad dreams in sleep. My sister-in-law keeps on crying and her condition is bad. Same is the condition of sister Parvati who now keep ill regularly. The entire family is living with fear due to the death penalty. The entire family is scattered and our economic and social condition has become worst. We fear for brother and brother-in-law. The death penalty has brought fear among us and we wish justice be given. We trust god. We have pleaded mercy with president and trust that innocent person will get help from God.”

Testimony of Ram Ji’s mother: For sixteen years eyes of the mother are searching for her son

Other relevant information about case:

Mr. Suresh Chauhan and his wife’s brother, Ramji chauhan have been accused of murdering his(Suresh) own brother Mr. Ramesh Chauhan (Younger brother of Suresh) and four members of Ramesh ‘s family (Wife and three children ) over a dispute over property belonging to their father Late Mr. Panalal. The Accused Mr. Suresh however says that his conviction was based on the false evidence of witness (PW1) Mr. Lalji (paternal uncle of Accused Suresh) who had repented later and told the family members of Accused Ramji that he (Lalji) would reveal the truth at appeal hearing in the Allahabad High Court .However four days before the appeal hearing he was mysteriously burnt to death in his own room. His body was quickly cremated without any police report or post mortem. Both the Accused insist that they were taken from their homes and not arrested near Railway station. The weapons claimed by the police to have been recovered from the house of Suresh did not match the wounds of the murdered victims described in the Medico legal report . Besides the manner of recovery claimed by the police was rejected by the High Court. There are also discrepancies in the FIR, the Inquest report etc.
The only person benefiting from the whole incident is Ram Naresh who is the elder brother of Accused Suresh and Deceased Ramesh. In Childhood Ram Naresh had been adopted by paternal uncle, Lalji (PW1) who was issueless. Prior to his death , the father ,Late Panalal divided his property between Accused Suresh and Deceased Ramesh only .He did not include the elder son Ram Naresh ( adopted by Lalji ) since he is the sole inheritor of his adopted father , Lalji ‘s property . However after the death of the father, Mr.Panalal , the elder brother Ram Naresh demanded share from his two brothers (accused Suresh and deceased Ramesh ) which they refused unless Ram Naresh agreed to share with them the property of his adopted father , Mr. Lalji (PW1). Now with Suresh convicted to death sentence , Ramesh dead , and adopted father Mr. Lalji (PW1) mysteriously burnt to death , Ram Naresh is the sole claimant/owner of the property of late Mr. Lalji and Late Panalal.

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