Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Heard to Unheard: Breaking silence

 Photo 1: Tanweer Ahmed Siddiqui, Legal Co-ordinator and Secretary of PVCHR speaking in the inaugural session of people's tribunal 

 Photo 2: Survivors from Aligarh and Tanda, Ambedkar Nagar

 Photos 3: survivors
 Photo 4: Panelist Mr. Jyoti Swaroop Pandey, Ms. Saheena Rizvi and Mr. Irfan Ali Engineer in Panel 1

 Photo 5: Panelists Mr. S.R Darapuri and Mr. Saheen Nazar are listing testimony of survivor. Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi assisting to the panelist

Photo 6: Panelists are listing testimony of survivor

 Photo 7: Survivors and activist

Photo 8: Mr. Mukhtar, survivor of Bazardiha police firing sharing his testimony

Photo 9:  Female survivor sharing her testimony to panelist

 Photo 10: Survivors ready for Human Rights Street Movement 

 Photo 11: Chanting slogans

 Photo 12: Marching

Photo 13: Lighting candle

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