Friday, April 05, 2013


Agenda 7: Children living with mothers in Jail and visits to jail and legal aid             to weaker sections:

The issues raised by Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, Convener, PVCHR were taken                       note of.  It was clarified that such issues were always reported upon by the                      Special Rapporteurs of NHRC and action was initiated with the help of State Governments by the NHRC from time to time.  Member (JBCP) was of the view                  that a separate jail for women prisoners having children should actually solve all                      the problems but same was not possible.

Ms. Puja Marwah of CRY further opined that all the guidelines of Supreme Court                   and NHRC should be strictly followed by all the jails.  Also, psychological needs                    of the inmates should be taken note of. Dr.Ruth Manorama, President, National                     Alliance of Women (NAWO) stated that in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka such  problems were rampant in jails. Shri Mathews Philip, Executive Director,                       SICHREM   indicated   that   NHRC   should   give   directions   based   on      earlier guidelines to all the jails.  Shri R.S.Chaurasia, Chairperson of Bachpan Bachao         Andolan felt that a separate cell for women and children should facilitate the          solution.

Dr.Ruth, in addition, brought forward the pathetic condition of Beggar Homes in Karnataka. It was affecting the health and hygiene of both mother and children. Intervention of NHRC was, therefore, required.

          The Chairperson, NHRC took note of issues raised in the Agenda            items 6&7 and decided to write a letter to all the Chief Justices. Apart                  from the need for ensuring legal aide, he reiterated the implementation of guidelines of Supreme Court and NHRC in respect of conditions prevailing             in jails.

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