Friday, June 21, 2013

My statement before my death

Corrupt police,corrupt NGOs,corrupt media persons and corrupt 'anti-women' men of Varanasi want to finish me and PVCHR. They are  afraid due to breaking of culture of silence due to intervention against silence.

Recently I observed that nearly 2 PM of 16 June 2013 few police officials from Cantt police station came to my office and then to home at upstairs. They talked about our cases but they want compromise in case of police torture taken under EU-FNSt- PWTN project. Details are follows: 

Case name : Bhageran Vs Shiva nand Mishra.

Court case no : 1511/07

Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate III Varanasi

Police Station : Maruadih, Varanasi
Under section : 342/323/504/506 IPC.
Victim’s name : Bhageran Mahato S/o Adalat Mahato, R/o new colony Kakarmatta, Varanasi
Police Station : Bhelupur vns.
Accused Name : Shivanand Mishra SHO Maruadih, Vns.
Sub-Inspector Shivpur Chauki Chandmani Vns.
D/occurrence : 8.10.07 at 7 pm.
P/ occurrence : Maruadih in the campus of police station. 

Brief case history: On 8/10/07 at 7 pm some police personal come at the shop of the Complainant and took him in to the police station campus. The SHO and the other constable have beaten him Brutality. They inflicted injuries to the Bhageran. He wrong fully confined there. Bhageran was medically examined. 

Court Intervention : On 12/11/07 complaint has been filed in the court, 15/12/07 date is fixed for the Statement Vs 200 CrPc.

Current status : Complainant appeared case adjourned for 31-01-08 for the statement V/S 200 CrPc. Complainant has been threatened by the police. They are making pressure Upon him to withdraw the case. Application has been given to SSP Varanasi on 26-12-07. 

- Next date is fixed 01/03/08.

- On 01/03/08 Statement of the complainant U/S 200 CrPc has been recorded. 

Next date fixed 18/03/08. 

- On 18/03/08 No witness present. Case adjourned for 2/05/08.

- On 2/05/08 No witness present adjournment filed . inform to DHRM next Date fixed 7/06/08.

- On 7/06/08 PW1 Smt. Kanti Devi examined. Next date fixed 18/07/08 for 202 CrPc. 

- On 18/07/08 strike in the court .Case adjourned for 5/08/08.

- On 5/08/08 PW2 examined.

Current Status: Now warrant issued against Shivanand Mishra.

The accused of this case is police officials. On 16th June, 2013 the police official who came to my house said that now police are investigating your case under section 307 (attempt to murder) and after few days we are going to investigate a case under section 309 (suicide)of the IPC. If you are not helping us in making compromise with Bhageran Mahto. 

The police gave me this information in threatening way and already yesterday I mentioned in the letter sent to NHRC and other concerned authorities. 

I am making this statement before my death that S.P City of Varanasi and police officials of Cantt police station can do my murder with help of anti-women men and corrupt NGOs. I also suspect that police will do the murder of Sunil Gupta or Sapana Chaurasiya and implicate us.  

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