Monday, October 14, 2013

Asian Conference on “Ending Torture: Collective concern”

Torture, practiced by states, non -state actors and sometimes together, continues to be a global problem. Despite global resolve for its prevention, it continues to be an accepted and practiced tool for dominance. While the definition of torture is contested among organisations and academicians, what is agreed is that torture involves both physical and psychological methods of causing pain, distress or harm. Limited project based findings have highlighted the scale of its prevalence and institutional shortcomings in preventing torture, accessing justice and rehabilitation of the survivors. Unwillingness by the states to recognize its prevalence and address it has strained relationship between state and citizens.  

In this background, People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) is organizing a Conference titled “Ending Torture: Collective concern” in Kathmandu in April, 2014. Academicians, civil society groups, representatives of human rights institutions from several Asian countries will present their papers and share their experiences.  PVCHR needs your support to make this conference a successful learning platform. You can do that in the following ways: (a) by suggesting topics, which you think has not been discussed yet but relevant to end torture, or impunity or strength rights of the survivors; (b) by participating. If you wish to present a research paper, which you have not published before, please send one page abstract note. The organizing committee will go through it to decide its acceptance; (c) by contributing relevant articles for reference; and (d) sponsoring, collaborating and financing the Conference. PVCHR will acknowledge all the contributions in the final conference report. Subsequently, a publication will carry all the presentations, articles.  Venue and exact date of the conference will be announced shortly.

25.11.2013: Suggestions of topics
10.12.2013: Last date for submission of abstract and reference articles.
20.12.2013: Communication from PVCHR for submission of papers.
10.02.2014: Submission of complete paper with a testimony that you are the author and the paper has not been published before

Please send your email to Dr. Mohanlal Panda at

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