Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Muslim and Police:a perspective

Tribute to Saradar Patel ji on his birthday and his follow thought:
"But don't forget, so had Hitler's Nazis and the fascists under Mussolini (the RSS) is a communal body with a totalitarian outlook."

"Hindu Raj...that mad idea." Sardar Patel, February 1949.

"All their (RSS) leaders' speeches were full of communal poison. As a final result of the atmosphere was created in which such a ghastly tragedy (Gandhi's assassination) became possible...RSS men expressed joy and distributed sweets after Gandhiji's death."Excerpts from Sardar Patel's letters to M.S. Golwalkar and S.P. Mookerjee. (

On the eve of birthday of great personality of India as our tribute,PVCHR announced about our new documentary and discussion with political parties,members of parliament at Delhi on 9 December.

Documentary" Muslim and Police:a perspective" made by PVCHR and HRLN under EU-PVCHR-HRLN project reducing police torture against Muslim minority at the grass root level by engaging and strengthening Human Rights Institutions in India with technical support of Soul creation.

Please participate in release and first telecast of documentary on 5 PM of 9 December 2013(on eve of International Human Rights day) at speaker hall, Constitution Club,Rafi Marg,New Delhi.
Long live fight of Sardar Patel ji against Fascism in India.

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