Thursday, August 28, 2014

About Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport,Iraq

His-Excellency Ban Ki-moon,     
United Nations Secretary-General                                                               

Dear Sir,
On the basis of reports received from Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport, home to Iranian refugees members of the Iranian opposition, the delivery of fuel has been banned by the agents affiliated to the Iraqi Prime Minister office since few days ago to this location.
On Wednesday, August 13th, the Iraqi forces prevented the entrance of a fuel tanker and confiscated the vehicle and later on Thursday, August 14th, prevented the entrance of the second tanker by the same supplying company to Liberty.
Providing minimum daily necessities in Camp Liberty relies on the continuous and non-stop flow of fuel into the camp. Lighting, cooking food, storing food stuffs, air conditioning in trailers where the residents are stationed in, pumping water into the camp and its purification, drainage of black water and residents of Liberty camp are all relying on power generators that need fuel to run.
Shortage in fuel will lead to a serious crisis for the residents’ health and well-being, especially under the scorching summer heat in Iraq where the temperature now reaches 48 centigrade degree.
The medical embargo that has deprived the residents from access to medicine and medical cares, followed by preventing the delivery of fuel to the camp, has turned the situation into a critical appalling condition especially for the patients and the aged individuals. This has increased our serious concerns about the existing humanitarian situation in this camp.
In regard to UN's repeated commitments in providing the protection and security of these refugees who are covered by UNHCR, we urge you to implement the necessary measures to lift the obstructions in delivering the fuel to this camp.
I am grateful for your attention and concern to this humanitarian issue.
Lenin Raghuvanshi
2010 Weimer Human Rights Awardee
2007 Gwangju Human Rights Awardee
Founder and CEO
People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)
SA 4/2 A Daulatpur, Varanasi - 221002 India
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Hon. Robert S. Beecroft, U.S. Ambassador, Iraq

Hon  Nickolay Mladenov
Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Mission for Iraq

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