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Death threats to human rights defender Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi

December 1st, 2011 | Published in प्रेस विज्ञप्ति
Issue: Intimidation, right to life with dignity, threat to human rights defender
Dear Friend,
Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) Secretary General / Executive Director Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi received a threatening call from by mobile phone. He is pursuing the case of Sohrab killing in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The caller was also saying he is resident from the same district. He abused and given threat to life to Dr. Lenin.
Case detail:
On 29th November, 2011 around 5:27 pm Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi[i], Secretary General / Executive Director of Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) received threatening call from mobile number +94757251733 on his mobile No. +91-9935599333. The caller was abusing by using filthy words after using the words Human Rights. He also threat to life saying "You will be towed" and "if you speak too much you will be shot out". During that time Dr. Lenin was busy in the meeting with its associates in his office and he became distracted.
At mean time around 5: 42 pm Dr. Lenin immediately released an urgent release in facebook. Around 6:22 pm Dr. Lenin rang on same number but he did not receive any response from that side. Then again he ranged this time he succeed to know the identity of the caller. The caller said, "My name is J.P Mishra, I am resident of Gorakhpur. You did not know about my power. I can do anything. Son, I have relation with many person you know Tulsi Singh. Now you understand what type of person I am. I lived in Mumbai I can do anything. If you are Governor or Chief Minister of the state, understand I have worth to do anything. Then he threat what is your worth monthly earning of only 10 thousand and 20 thousand". The caller was speaking in Bhojpuri mixed Hindi language.
Immediately letter through email was sent to Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission and Director General of Police and on 30th November, 2011 same letter was sent through post.
It is noted that high level enquiry is going in the Soharab[ii] killing case in Gorakhpur. In this matter on the behalf of organization he made complain. In which the name of Sri Aditya Yogi Nath[iii] (Member of Parliament, Bhartiya Janta Party) also came. The caller was also telling he was resident of Gorakhpur. Through his dialogue it seems he was near to the Sri Aditya Yogi Nath ji, because he was assuming Dr. Lenin as any Government officer. He was telling he is making call from South Africa and sometime America.
More information:
PVCHR wrote letter to all relevant authorities to provide security and financial assistance to the family of Sohrab under European Union project "Reducing Police Torture against Muslims at the Grass-roots Level by Engaging and Strengthening Human Rights Institutions in India". On 12th August, 2011 DGP office[iv] and on 20th August, 2011 National Human Rights Commission[v] took cognizance (case no. 33098/24/34/2011) on complains. On 15th September, 2011 Governor of Uttar Pradesh in its letter no. p-2115/G.S directed to Special Secretary, Home department to take appropriate action in this matter. On 12 November, 2011 PVCHR receive the investigation report from Mukesh Shukla, DIG, Gorakhpur

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