Thursday, December 08, 2011

Message of Vice President of PVCHR, Mr. Nageshwar Patnaik on occassion of A Day for Human Rights Defender

Even after 65 years of independence, India is having mammoth human rights problems. Lack of accountability for security forces and impunity for abusive policing including police brutality, extra-judicial killings, and torturing of under-privileged section of the populace continue to vitiate the atmosphere questioning the maturity of our democracy.  What is shocking most and highly condemnable is that human rights workers and their families are being killed, tortured, ill-treated, disappeared, threatened, arbitrarily arrested and detained, falsely charged and under surveillance because of their legitimate work in upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms. To stem such a rot, there is an urgent need for handholding of all stake holders, human rights organisations and most importantly people need to be sensitised to become more vigilant and pro-active. Media, civil society, institutions which have been playing a significant role in exposing  perpetrators of human rights violation, must be further sensitised to achieve the goal of a country sans human rights abuse.
Varanasi,India on 9 December 2011
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