Sunday, December 25, 2011

No rights without accountability: Message of New Year 2012

New year 2012 is approaching. World is witnessing the public demand of the accountability with all National and International players and public bodies.
PVCHR is also thriving same values and spirit in India. With this spirit, we asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India about communication between Government of India and Mrs.Margaret Sekeggya, UN Special Rapporteur regarding her visit to India. After the judgment of Central Information Commission in India (CIC decision CIC/SG/A/2011/002227/15945 Dated 25/11/2011, I received the information as follows:

Communication Between Government of India and Special Rapporteur of situation of Human Rights defenders

We wrote last email to all our friends on 18 January 2011 and posted on blog on same day.

In above email, we say, "As the truth is out in open, I offer my unconditional apology to Mrs. Margaret Sekaggya and to her office. However, I continue to think that UN being a public body must come under serious public scrutiny. In the meeting I also drew everybody's attention to a strange coincidence, i.e.,  I was working under the  representative of the working group present in the meeting when I received threat on my life from the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He did not come to support me then nor does he speak for me today, even though I and my family continue to remain under threats.  But he is a very important person in planning the programmes for the mission. Sitting on the dais with Mrs. Sekaggya, he talks on building solidarity and networking among Human Rights Defenders across the country.  Mrs. Sekaggya, this is also a trend in India affecting the Human Rights Defenders and must be noted by your office.

 During the meeting I came to know that the Government of India (GoI) put several restrictions on the movements of the Mrs. Sekaggya. I strongly condemn this decision of the GoI. I along with other civil society groups will try to access all the communications between the office of the Special Rapporteur and the GoI under Right to Information Act and initiate necessary campaign to make the Government more cooperative to the UN System in future."

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We are sharing this information among masses, policy makers and think tanks to initiate the dialogue with Indian Government and UN system for their accountability towards common masses living in remote villages also. It is high time to launch a global process for 'no right without accountability in Globalization.'

Waiting your kind support for establishment of a democratic world based on justice, liberty, non-violence and secularism.

Wish you a very Happy New year 2012.

With warm regards,

Lenin Raghuvanshi

Dr. Lenin
Executive Director/Secretary General -PVCHR/JMN
Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.
--The Buddha
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